Marathon Man

Out go the brushes and on go the trainers (at least for a moment). In truth I have 'become' a runner and though no olympian I'm partaking in the upcoming London Marathon. It will be the furthest I will have run but all done in aid of Tutela AfricaTutela is a not-for-profit organisation who have a vision for the children of Mozambique. With little or no foster-care available there, Tutela aim to provide children who are orphaned and vulnerable with Mozambican foster parents who will provide a caring and safe environment within which to grow up. I know those involved and their commitment to getting this done. My small commitment to raise some money on their behalf helps energise my running on cold, damp days. My last running event was in September 2015 but I've kept up the training. Press the sponsor button to the right to get to my fundraising page. Any amount is gratefully received.

Chippenham Half, September 2015. Spot me wearing the yellow headband!