Six views of Pulteney Bridge, Bath

A little fun (as Christmas approaches) and a short history lesson. As a Bath resident I have painted/drawn the iconic Pulteney Bridge several times. Here are some of the results. No. 1: As a younger artist I was commissioned to paint it in watercolour. This was both novel for me in terms of medium and the stylistic requirements. Early on in my painting life I completed five commissions in this style (it was one of those 'one thing leads to another' scenarios) and then closed the door completely on this approach. No. 2: Another commission for some Swedish friends. No. 3: Yet another commission. No. 4: The reductive and colour saturated response. This painting no longer exists. Nos. 2-4 were painted in the late 90's. No. 5: As a student I loved etching and this is a first proof of a work in progress No. 6: The backside of Pulteney Bridge – The one tourists rarely see. This is a sketchbook drawing and was shown as part of the 'Sketch 2013' touring exhibition.

No. 1

No. 2

No. 3

No. 4

No. 5

No. 6