Private View & Prize Giving: Sketch 2013

As autumn begins to sweep in on the coat-tails of summer The Rabley Drawing Centre held a Private View for Sketch 2013. As a participating artist it was my first visit to the venue which lies just beyond Marlborough in the rolling Wiltshire countryside. A lovely setting allowed for a really interesting opportunity to both view other artists' sketchbooks and meet some of them in person (Ray Richardson, Naomi Frears, Susan Wilson). Though each book was unique in 'style', approach and content the very nature of a sketchbook lent a kind of collective humility and connection that is rare in a mixed exhibition. Perhaps a sketchbook reminds us a little of those days when we first offered up our drawings to the gaze of others (teachers, family etc.) A moment in childhood when someone could affirm or belittle the gift tentatively shown. This is a show with little pomposity and lots of wonder.