The aspiration gap

We generally reference upward. That means we look at 'great' art past and present and keep an eye on our contemporaries who are doing well. The aspiration gap lies between the source of our inspiration and the reality of what we actually create. Studying the work of others helps sharpen our critical faculties and as long as we temper it with a good dose of humility that gap will not become a minefield.

This painting was on show last year and is now on temporary loan at my brother's house. Modest in size and conception it has turned out to be a bit of a crowd pleaser. I can see why as it's easy on the eye. Two things to note. Entitled 'White Chair', for obvious reasons, it reminds me of the desire to find a place/space to sit 'unencumbered'. That space may not be physical as represented here. Secondly, the strips of path compositionally and, after plenty of over-painting, colouristically hold the painting together. The problem is my aspirations, on a creative level, aren't framed in this painting. So, I have to learn to embrace it for what it is whilst I cast my gaze further afield.