Painting Masters #5: David Park

Sometimes we happen across an artist who leads us into a world we knew next to nothing about. David Park has done that for me. Seeing his best work has opened up fresh avenues and taken me to the door of others who I'm beginning a visual dance with. Park was passionate about painting and it shines out in his best work. Now, with a little more distance from our 'first meeting' I can see his output was uneven compared to the greatest of his near contemporaries. However, his strongest work pulsates.

Perhaps these words of his sum up things best: "Perhaps the most exciting and challenging thing about the art of painting is that it is one medium in which so many varying elements, often contradictory, may exist together in one form and be seen all at once: discipline and abandon, sensitivity and crudity, intelligence, patience, impatience, anger, accuracy, and falsification.. Such elements become acknowledged...and [are] made to exist in the single experience of looking."