From the archive–Working from other artists

For a time, and particularly during my college years, I would use another artist's work as a catalyst to paint. In this case I used the last painting/engraving in Hogarth's Rake's Progress (Soane's Museum, London). I hazily recall that my emotional response and intent were different from Hogarth's–My painting was a one off, and his the last 'chapter' in a series. Included is a personal reference–standing figure mid-ground–which was derived from another, earlier 'self-portrait'.  

This painting is a dark, brooding image emanating from a difficult period personally. The studio as 'madhouse' perhaps. The mists of time have obscured the reasons for creating the work as it is. And, I'm not keen to ascribe to it a falsified history. Nonetheless, Hogarth gave me a way to say something in the darkness, though not resolve it.