A map for the making 3

Doing anything draws on the skills we've acquired and experience we've accumulated. These are essential parts of our toolkit. Mostly useful, but not always. When skill and experience harden into an act of heartless repetition we have slipped into the field marked 'loss of creative soul'. Here, we will feed on two grasses – Firstly, loss of creative soul through success: This can cause us to repeat what works for the applause it gets and bloats our sense of being. Secondly, loss of creative soul through failure: This can cause us to wither, afraid to venture ahead, hemmed in by fear and that will starve our sense of being.

When we hope to break new ground in our own practice we do well to remember that boundaries do exist. Some are helpful, others not. They may not be hard and fast and we may never touch their full extent. For example, when do we reach the limitations of our talent and what constrictions, circumstantially, do we really face? Whatever, as artists we walk the borders of tension between what we know and don't know and making a new map will need patience, wisdom and perseverance.

This little painting is one of an on-going series that mark a period of personal development.