Painting or 'Picture Making'

There is a difference between 'picture making' and painting and I know I do both. So, is it merely semantic? To try and encapsulate the idea I understand 'picture making' as recording what I see and painting exploring what I see. Over simplistic perhaps, and certainly not a reliable definition. For example, I have a friend, Julia Trickey, whose 'picture making' is sublime. She is a first rate botanical illustrator and the beauty of her 'record' making transcends the merely observational. Her best work takes you into a subject in unexpected and rewarding ways.

Equally, it is portentous to think that we achieve something more worthy because we are seeking to 'go beyond' what we see. There are many painting 'failures' that litter our artistic journeys which we undertook, in good faith, in the name of exploration. And of course all painting/picture making is, to some degree, interpretative.