In anticipation of summer

I recently wrote this little testimonial for my friends who own Casa Oasis in Portugal. This view of a white wall and foliage caught my eye.   

Staying at Casa Oasis–SOZO Art Retreat–Portugal Sept 2012:
I had the pleasure of spending 7 days, with a friend, at Casa Oasis. It was a significant stay and the timing of my visit, allied to the location, all worked for me. Casa Oasis itself is secluded, but not isolated. Within touching distance of the seaside town of Sao Martinho, long and wild beaches and typical Portuguese landscapes there was plenty of opportunity to frame my stay with what I needed. So, with time to sketch, read or relax Casa Oasis provided simple living in a comfortable rustic setting that 'ticked the boxes'. I particularly liked the large terrace outside the Casa. I found it a place where I could reflect, work and eat sitting in the shade of a vine or in the warmth of the sun. I hope to return one day.

Casa Oasis