The Inconsistent Blogger

If my blogging, or lack of it, were a reflection of the greater part of my life some serious questions would have to be asked. I confess I still reach for scraps of paper to write on rather than an ipad. Bits which reflect fragments of thought and often get lost amongst the detritus of life. Blogging becomes much more intentional because it is public and we often edit out that which we aren't sure about. Not a bad thing but a selective thing which reveals a limited picture of ones true self. Writing in notebooks is like letting you shirt hang out. Blogging, or more accurately my blogging, is often about doing the top button up. Because of my lack of recent posts you might think that I'd been in hiding, or in prison or hospitalised, No, I've continued to design and paint. I've also been drawing. What a profound activity! Drawings often contain the same liberties as the notebook. First thoughts, musings and workings out. They can also have a purity and directness. I once had the privilege of seeing a show devoted to the drawings of Pierre Bonnard. Pencil on paper yet full of 'colour'. The line was alive. So, here's a small toast to drawing and the hope that my blogging gains a little more consistency.