Art and beyond

An exhibition, in a Bath city centre gallery, will display original paintings by 3 artists (incl. yours truly) alongside information highlighting the work of Compassion – an international child development charity. Compassion seeks to enable children, in impoverished circumstances, develop new skills and opportunities through support and learning. The aim; to help them build a brighter future. Compassion hopes this event will help 100 children through new sponsorship and all profits will go to support the charity's work.
As an artist and designer it can be challenging to live beyond my own concerns. When approached to be part of this art exhibition/charity event I recognised that part of any gift (creative or otherwise) is to be given. Bread broken and shared. Not that I find it easy as I'm more selfish than I care to admit. And, by showing my work in a good city centre gallery I will reap some personal benefit. However, who knows what positive outcomes are generated from our 'small' endeavours.